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It’s been getting harder for Australians to get a start on the financial ladder and make progress towards their goals. So, Up is on a mission to reimagine banking, in essence, they’re focused on building the best digital banking experience on earth.

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The Beginning

In the beginning, Up began as just a partnership between Bendigo Bank and Ferocia. Together they had big ideas about how banking could be better for young Australians. And together they knew they could make it real. Ferocia is a tight team, with a fierce lion mascot and international experience building best-in-class tech for banks. From that partnership, they launched Up in October 2018 and it's grown at rocket speed, becoming bigger than even thought possible. The Ferocia team has grown and have officially joined the Bendigo family. They now help over 700,000 customers and are still laser-focused on building the best digital banking experience on earth.

Xavier Shay (CEO of Up), Dom & Judy discuss operating in the highly regulated environment of banking.

Digital Only, Better for All.

As a neobank, Up operates entirely online, without any physical branches, allowing it to streamline operations and pass on cost savings to customers. Up's commitment to transparency is evident in its fee-free approach, meaning no monthly account fees, foreign exchange fees, or ATM withdrawal fees, making it an attractive option for cost-conscious users. The platform's seamless integration with various payment services and digital wallets enables users to enjoy a convenient and interconnected banking experience. With its refreshing take on modern banking and emphasis on simplicity and user experience, Up Bank has successfully carved a niche in the Australian financial landscape, attracting a growing community of users who seek a more agile and intuitive way to manage their money.

Xavier Shay (CEO of Up) Dom & Judy discuss key learnings & values they share.

Innovation in the Industry

Up Bank's commitment to continuous innovation sets it apart in the financial industry. The platform regularly updates its features and services to stay relevant and meet the evolving needs of its customers. It embraces an open banking approach, enabling users to connect their accounts with other financial applications seamlessly. This allows for a comprehensive overview of their financial health and empowers them to make more informed decisions. Furthermore, Up Bank places a strong emphasis on security, utilising the latest encryption technologies and multi-factor authentication to ensure the safety of its customers' sensitive information and transactions.

“The power of getting people together is still really important”

Xavier Shay, CEO of Up

Xavier Shay (CEO of Up) Dom & Judy chat on the Australian Startup Ecosystem & Proud Moments.

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