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We’re investing in tomorrow’s startup scene. We’re nurturing a diverse, progressive, intelligent, ambitious community — an environment, a movement — that’s going to build the future of Australia.

We don’t just want to make awesome. We want to make the awesome that makes the awesome.

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We invest over $70 million in 100+ companies, properties and funds.

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As a Family Office, Euphemia gets early access to dealflow from our network (other FO’s, VCs, Angels, ecosystem partners & founders) & we want to share it with our community of co-investors!

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Our next syndicate deal is live on the Aussie Angels Platform: Co Ventures, one of Australia's first dedicated pre-seed Venture Capital funds - led by the awesome Maxine Minter. Join our syndicate to learn more and participate.

Heatseeker, a tech platform using AI to identify market conditions via social media experiments, attracted 21 investors, including Euphemia. 14% were women, raising $182k (excluding Euphemia's lead check).

Euphemia led an allocation in Future Super's $15m Series C capital raise in 2023. Alongside Euphemia, 18 investors participated, of which 44% were women, raising $140k (excluding Euphemia's lead cheque).

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We don’t just want to make awesome. We want to make the awesome that makes the awesome.





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We’re supported by the best and brightest. With help, we can move fast to make the most of opportunities, whilst protecting the people and assets that matter most.

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We want to amplify Australian innovation to create something greater and more awesome than we could ever imagine.

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Creating something into which phenomenal people will choose to invest their time, energy and creativity – without burning out – is no small feat.

Dom Pym, Founder @ Euphemia

Euphemia supports founders from a range of diverse backgrounds who have not had equal access to opportunity.