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  • Tim Lucas
    Tim Lucas
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    Keith Pitt

Buildkite was the first to introduce the hybrid CI/CD model which allows customers to host their testing and deployment pipelines on their own infrastructure while offloading the user experience for managing these pipelines to a cloud-powered interface.

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The Beginning

Buildkite is a leading continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform that revolutionised software development workflows. The company was founded in 2013 by Keith Pitt and Tim Lucas in Melbourne, Australia. The idea for Buildkite emerged from their shared frustration with existing CI/CD tools that were complex, inflexible, and failed to cater to the unique needs of modern software development teams. Determined to create a better solution, they set out to build a CI/CD platform that would be simple, scalable, and customizable. Drawing on their expertise in software development and systems administration, they launched Buildkite with the mission to empower teams to rapidly and reliably deliver high-quality code.

Dom & Keith Pitt (CEO of Buildkite) discuss their past & how they met.

Empowering Others & Building Community

From its inception, Buildkite prioritised developer experience and aimed to foster a strong sense of community. By providing a seamless integration with popular version control systems and offering extensive customisation through a powerful agent-based infrastructure, the platform quickly gained popularity among tech companies and open-source projects alike. As the company expanded its services, they maintained a commitment to simplicity, reliability, and a customer-centric approach, ensuring that Buildkite remained a go-to solution for organisations of all sizes seeking efficient and flexible CI/CD pipelines. Over the years, Buildkite's impact on the software development industry has been significant, enabling teams worldwide to streamline their development processes and deliver software with greater speed and confidence.

Dom & Keith Pitt (CEO of Buildkite) discuss the growth between them from Mentor & Friend, to Investor.

“Times we’ve made really good decisions, is when I was able to successfully verbalise & communicate [my] instincts”

Keith Pitt, CEO of Buildkite

Keith Pitt (CEO of Buildkite) answer's Judy's round of Rapid Fire Questions.

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